Thursday, January 22, 2009


inner tanktop - topshop
dress - hongkong

shoes - ninjaneko/mystore

I was finally able to go to the parlor yesterday. I had my hair trimmed and asked the stylist if he could give me bangs. Must be the influence of seeing a lot of chictopians wearing bangs & Vanessa Hudgens. (i know! a lot of ppl hate her but i love her style & hair) I hope I don't regret having bangs because I get pimples easily. haha! I'm wearing the red version of the shoes! Last photo is a close-up of my dress. :) I love the print (stars) even when it's way out of my budget for a "tiangge" dress.

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Frou Flu said...

i didn't realize you were anna of ninjaneko till i saw these!! haha oh my god how funny to think i was just texting you about these shoes... i really love them and i'm really gonna try to fit into them!:D