Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I know.....

This was the effect of non-stop eating for the whole weekend!

It started last friday when we had our dinner at Peking Garden in Trinoma, the peking duck was superb. But not as yummy as the one in HK. Then on sat., bro-in-law cooked his famous white sauce pasta! This is my fave!!!! (everybody's fave) so i ate that. Sunday, we had a lunch feast. Reunion + Chinese New year celebration rolled into one. So, bro-in-law (he's a frustrated cook, but he's really good) cooked steak, shrimps, fried chicken, liempo and crabs! (soft shell and the big kind! one that is filled with fats! the orange kind) ...YUMMY!!!!

That's why I wearing that shirt to hide my big bloated tummy
. I just remembered, this is just a repeat of my bday outfit....As usual, I was running late again & my clothes are in the laundry. :)

top - izzue
leggings & boots - korea

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