Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pink 5

top - junkfud, trinoma
tights - korea
shoes - renegade

Lame title...but it's true, eversince I was a kid I always wanted to be pink5.

Hubby was taking so long, so I had 3 outfits to choose from. This one won because yesterday I was also wearing a pink+black combi.

The shoes hurt! I hope it just needs a break-in.
I love the last pic. too bad it's blurry.

J.r is making another appearance. :)


She's Dressing Up said...

You look amazing in the shoes!!

Manila Street Fashion said...

Gotta love the shoes!

Gloria C. said...

I freaking love your shoes. They are so fierce!

noelle chantal said...

Very nice shoes!!! Ah, i'm jealous!

noelle chantal said...
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