Thursday, February 5, 2009

black, black, black

The camera is not cooperating today and almost all ofl the pics came out blurry.

What do you think about the dress? You can see the style on the 2nd pic. :) I think it's cute and I hope I did justice to the dress.

dress - theposhwardrobe
shoes - korea

dress - landmark
sandals - sm


noelle chantal said...

i like the cut of the dress. and are those pockets? 'cause the triangular details on the sides looks really good. and your shoes is very NICE! :)

Valentine said...

Im in love with the shape of that dress-- so very austere and yet very chic! I also like na you styled it in a very minimal way-- it brought out the beauty of the dress more--

and before I forget, your shoes.. ARE DIVINE.



AnnA said...

@noelle: nope, those are the drapes :)

@valentine: thank you :) i'm not really good with accessories. that's why I rarely wear them :)