Friday, February 13, 2009

Talking to Myself

I had one hour free time in the mall & I went to visit my favorite stores. I ended up with nothing, even if I saw a lot of things that I liked. Why? Read the convo with myself below....

Topshop store....Looking at the racks, was checking out this floral blouse....
me: ang ganda...kaso H&M, H&M, H&M, sige, H&M na nga lang. (This one is so pretty...but H&M, H&M, H& okay H&M it is)

* so I left and went...

Inside Landmark dept. store
- Trying on some shoes, it's around P500/$10.
me: Bagay sa skirt ko. Pero sayang din p500, maymabibili din ako sa HK sa perang yan. (This would look good on my skirt. However, with that amount I could add it in my shopping money to HK)

* so I returned the shoes and went to the clothes section.
- Until finally I was waiting for my turn in the cashier as I was buying a skirt. When I noticed that there's no pricetag in the skirt. Since the cashier was located at the other end where I got the skirt & it would take a long time for me to pay for it because they have to look for the price. I left the skirt & ended up buying Nothing. hehe!


the runway said...

hi dear.. =)
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thank you..

The Runway

Valentine said...

GAH. Sis, my day was the exact opposite. I bought 3 books which were on sale BUT still.. then I bought a new pair of choco brown pants just because they looked cute. I hate sales. I hate sales.

I feel so guilty na ngayon.

OOOH! HK.. hay, its been a while since Ive been back.. safe journey and Happy VDAY!

AnnA said...

@valentines: if i was not saving for my trip i would have bought them. :) ako naman i love sales, lalo na pag sa dorothy perksins/topshop/warehouse. hehe!