Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's your job?

I don't have anything to blog about so I'll just post something about my job.

I have a degree in Behavioural Science in University of Santo Tomas. Then after graduating I took up another course in Asia Pacific College but after 2 semeters, I decided to drop out since I was already pregnant at that time.

Then 2-3 yrs ago. I worked in a semi-government office as an Executive Asst. The pay was good but I was not happy. I only lasted for 8 months. Now, I'm working together with my hubby & father-in-law in the family business thing. A chinese thing.
They are all relatives here. Even if the pay is not that big (compared to my previous work) I love it here. We don't have a dress code, there's no time in, I could be late. Our lunch and snack is free & we don't have leaves! I I can be absent anytime I want to.
This is the "ideal" job for me because I can still take care of my baby girl.

We sell foundry materials. Don't make me explain. It has something to do with metals, carbons, etc.

So what's my job? In the mornings, I make all the delivery receipts for the customers. Then in the afternoons, I'm an accountant-in-training. (which I totally did not envsion. I suck in math) I make cheques, vouchers, etc. I'm also in-charge of the petty cash. If I don't have any accounting duties for the day, I basically don't do anything. Just surf the net :D

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cherish_jd said...

your lucky on your job!

P.S. I envy your shoe collection. you've got lovely shoes;)

Mode Junkie said...

that's a cool job. and shoes.

Noelle Chantal said...

oh, i also worked as an executive assistant before. i lasted 9 months. i was bored of that work esp if its a routine work (that i don't enjoy) plus, my boss was very workaholic, ah! so i left work and now i'm preparing myself for our family business too. good for me! hehe

yours is totally an ideal work! you are one lucky girl! i want your job! hehe my parents are quite strict when it comes to policy and all. :O

anyways, i like the print of your skirt and your shoes too!

AnnA said...

cherish: thank you. :) i just really love shoes. :D

mode junkie: yup. but i prefer the shoes. hehe

noelle: yup, i have a routine too. plus, every month i had to do this monthly report and my boss was so anal about it. i just couldn't last in that environment.

i'm very much happy now even if i have to work every sat. :)

hande's closet said...

wow love those shoes!!thank u so much for ur comment yeahh i wore pink first time:)
kisses HANDE...

La Fée said...

I love this, espesh the pattern of the skirt!!

neida said...

the shoes is a dream! where did you get it? its amazing

Mads said...

No uniform = more dress up moments!
Hey I graduated from UST too (pre-med course)! I'm a new blogger from Manila and I stumbled upon your blog from series of bloghopping..=) I'm excited to discover a lot of Manila-based fashion blogs.. Hope to exchange links with you if you like my blog =)