Friday, March 20, 2009

There's no place like home........

Like in HK.

Everybody was wearing boots, I love it! the weather is perfect!
I'll be back again this Monday, can't wait :) I'll just blog again when I come back.

Forget about the outfit. Look at the boots! Going to HK was the perfect opportunity for me to wear them

shirt - giordano
leggings - dorothy perkins
shoes, skirt, bag - korea


styleburst said...

thanks for commenting hun! xoxo
you look so cute! heart the bag!

pam said...

welcome back! :D I've linked you too btw :D

cherish_jd said...

wish I could wear boots here! haha!
btw, I love your bag esp. that slouchy effect.

Victoria C said...

The boots are cute! have fun in HK xx